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Yaruki Switch Group Privacy Policy (Personal Information Handling Guidelines)
  1. Yaruki Switch Group Co Ltd. and its affiliate (Yaruki Switch Career, hereinafter referred to as “our group”) adhere to the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.
  2. Preventive and remedial actions shall be taken against loss, disposal, falsification, leakage and unauthorized access of personal information.
  3. Any personal information acquired shall only be used within the purposes determined by our group.
  4. Our group shall continuously revise and improve its personal information protection system.

Our group utilizes the personal information acquired for the purposes listed below with the utmost care in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Purpose of use of Personal Information
  1. Confirmation and delivery of products and services purchased or registered
    To confirm and manage enrollment and withdrawals, applications, registrations and others
    To confirm and deliver purchased products or services
    To bill and confirm payment for all products or services
  2. Improvement of products and services provided
    To improve the contents of our products and services in order to better serve you
    To collect statistically processed personal information and publish audit results
    To devise the improvement of the website through statistically collected data from your IP address and Cookies recorded on our websites
  3. Delivery of information related to the products or services provided
    Sending periodical publications
    Information regarding classes and courses
    Sending Direct Mails
  4. Prevention of crimes and irregularities and for educational guidance
    To maintain surveillance of intruders of other suspicious persons
    To prevent accidents and irregularities in the schools
    To improve the teaching level in the schools
    To maintain a sound school management
Providing to third parties

Our group may provide certain personal information to postal companies, teaching material and test providers and other companies that our group determines necessary to provide educational material, equipment and other services. When disclosing personal information to third parties, all information is managed appropriately. Additionally, personal information may be disclosed in compliance with the law or when our group determines necessary to guarantee the safety and protect the rights and assets of those involved.

Managing personal information

All personal information acquired is safely handled under our group’s strict management. Our group may extend the handling of personal information to companies who are deemed trustworthy and have signed a nondisclosure agreement with our group, and are to comply with the same personal information handling guidelines as our group.

Handling information acquired through the schools

In order to deliver information pertaining our services, such as course introduction pamphlets, we receive your consent upon registering at a school to allow our head office to use that information. Any information obtained in this manner is also under strict management.

Disclosing registered information

Our group manages your personal information to be as accurate and up to date as possible, disclosing it if you so request. Should that information be inaccurate, you may request for it to be added, changed, revised or deleted. However, some services and products may become unavailable upon deleting the registered information.

Retained personal data disclosure request
Regarding Cookies

In order to improve the user’s browsing experience, some of our group’s websites utilizes cookies to extract browsing history data for our provided services and user’s analysis and online ads, etc.Cookies are text files that identify our customers’ computers on the website sent via an online server. These are recorder as a stream of numbers in your computers and don’t contain any personal information. In order to further customize this service, we may refer to the browsing history obtained through Cookies and relate that to your personal information.If you wish to deny Cookies’ access, you may do so through your preferred browser’s settings. You may still utilize our websites without Cookies, however some services may be unavailable.In addition, based on the consignment of advertisement to third parties, we may save and access Cookies through consigned third parties.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our group’s personal information handling guidelines, contact us herehere.

Complaints regarding personal information handling

For complaints regarding our group’s handling of personal information, please refer to the contact below:

〒104-0032 Hatchobori Daiichi Seimei Bldg 5F, 2-24-2, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Yaruki Switch Group Co. Ltd. Personal Information Contact Line
Tel 03-6845-1111 (Mon~Fri 10:00~18:00, unavailable on weekends and holidays)
Fax 03-6845-2222 (Available 24h, however it will be handled on the above schedule)
Please note that we are unable to handle complaints and requests

Yaruki Switch Group Co. Ltd. CEO Naoshi Takahashi
(Enactment date: 2002/08/11 Last revision: 2019/3/1)

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