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Currently accepting applications


Make a Difference.Providing each and every child with the treasure of a lifetime

Currently accepting applications from native English instructors
Currently accepting applications from native English instructors
Currently accepting applications from native English instructors
Currently accepting applications from native English instructors
Hiring Webinar Information

Yaruki Switch Group employs
over 500 native instructors
from 31 different countries

We are waiting for you to join us
in an exciting career in education!

  • Feature

    No experience, No problem! We welcome both brand new and experienced teachers.

    No experience required: We provide full support with comprehensive start-up training and continuous follow-up workshops throughout the year.

  • Feature

    Use your
    life experiences
    while educating

    Promote cultural awareness by sharing your own country's traditions and customs in the classroom.

  • Feature

    Design your
    career path
    based on your goals

    From 1 year contracts to long-term career opportunities, your level of commitment is up to you.
    Career advancement opportunities within the company are possible!
    Gain usable and transferable experience & skills - regular teaching workshops and Japanese lessons available!

No previous experience in the educational industry required.Come teach real English to Japanese children!


Yaruki Switch Group provides an immersive learning environment
in which children are exposed to real,
natural English by Native-speaking teachers,
and has developed multiple educational brands across Japan.

The 7 Brands
of Yaruki Switch Group

English Education Brands

  • WinBe

    Phonics based English conversation school.

  • Kids Duo

    Preschool and after-school care focusing on fun and engaging English immersion.

  • Kids Duo International

    State-of-the-art bilingual Kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education.

  • i Kids Star

    Bilingual childcare facility that combines
    childcare and education.


  • School IE

    Fully personalized
    individual education.

  • Child Eyes

    Intellectual training and
    elementary school entrance
    exam preparation.

  • Ninja 9

    Sports classes for kids based
    on biomechanics.

Employee Interviews

  • Supporting our Students

  • A Message from our Trainers

  • Working at Yaruki Switch Group

  • Living in Japan

Recruitment Guidelines

You will be employed as a member of Yaruki Switch Group
and your school assignment will be decided taking your preferences into consideration.


Starting monthly salary of ¥250,000 (negotiable).


Contract Employee (3 month probation, full-time, one year contract with renewal).
*There is no change in pay or work conditions during probationary period.


Teaching English to Kindergarten and/or elementary age children, including:

Preparing for events and lessons.
Cleaning and organizing the workplace.
Planning and participating in events such as summer festivals, athletics meet, music festival, Christmas, etc.
Interacting with parents.
Promoting the school (company events).
Supporting school operations.
*Job description may change based on your assigned school.
*The students' age range varies between brands (2~14 years old).

Work hours

5 working days per week.
8-9 working hours per day (depending on brand).
*The work schedule may differ depending on the brand or school.


Extended holidays:
・Golden Week
・Obon holidays
・New Year's holidays
・Revitalization Leave (9 days)


Renewal bonus of ¥100,000 upon successful completion and re-signing of 1 year
Ten paid days of leave / year (after 6 months of employment), in addition to national
Fully-paid comprehensive initial training included, in addition to regular training
workshops throughout the year.
All work-related commuting costs reimbursed.
Social Security & Health Insurance provided.
Visa sponsorship and renewal support available.
*The above may differ depending on your assignment.


Native-level English fluency.*
Minimum 2-Year Associates Degree for visa sponsorship / valid working visa.
Be able to deliver active and engaging lessons while adapting the curriculum to
maintain student focus.
Be independent and creatively minded, and support students'
intellectual and social development.
Help maintain and manage school environment, and participate in
special events/promotional activites (sometimes falling on weekends / holidays).**
*Our curriculum puts emphasis on pronunciation and phonics practice. While we of course welcome English speakers from a variety of countries with varying dialects and
accents, we ask that you are able to effectively teach and express these concepts in a
phonetically natural English environment. Only applicants that are able to meet the
highest standards of fluency will be considered.
**Participation in all special events taking place on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays may be required (approx. 1 event per month).


Your location will be discussed during the recruiting process.
You will be assigned a school as your working location.
Transportation is fully covered.
*Some contract details may vary depending on placement.

No previous experience in the educational industry required.Come teach real English to Japanese children!


From Application to Hiring

  • Application

    Apply online via the homepage.

  • First Interview

    Conducted via Skype or in-person.

  • Second Interview

    Conducted via Skype or in-person.

  • Offer / Hiring

    If successful, an offer will be sent
    and the on-boarding begins.

  • School Assignment

    You will be assigned to your school after your hiring.

  • Initial Training

    Roughly 1 month of training.

Let's have fun and work together!

Initial Orientation

Initial Orientation

Your first day of employment with Yaruki Switch Group is Company Orientation. During Orientation, we introduce the
company and its programs, as well as useful information
regarding your upcoming training schedule.

While many attendees may have already been living in Japan
for some time, we also provide helpful information regarding life
in Japan - everything from receiving postal packages to health insurance matters.

Opening / YSG Basic / Company Introduction/ ESP・Company Systems
Activity / Lunch Break / On Boarding Process / Life in Japan / Training Detail

Initial and Follow-Up Training

Initial Training #1: Desk Training

The initial training takes approximately 1 month* and is mainly comprised of 2 types; desk training and pre-assignment
On-The-Job Training.
pre-assignmetn OJT. The first week (desk training) is a
lecture-style training focused on the brand's philosophy and basics of education, introducting each brand's
courses and teaching steps.

Examples of
desk training content
Yaruki Switch Group Philosophy / Child Development /
Basic conduct as instructors / Brand Introductions /
Program and Course Introductions / Demo lesson videos /
Team-work & Cooperation / Lesson Flow

*the training period may differ between different brands.

Initial Training #2: OJT

After completing the desk training, you will undergo OJT to
experience the workplace before being assigned to a school, ensuring a smooth transition.
While the length of OJT varies between brands, the
maximum amount is 4 weeks.

Periodical and follow-up trainings

We continuously support your growth, providing periodical training after your assignment. Currently being held online
every 2 months, this training helps teachers continue to
improve their skills. Furthermore, if there are any issues or
questions about your daily work, you may consult our trainers individually.

Career Path

Native Instructor

Not only is it possible to change your job type as you build a career, there are also raises within your position as teacher available as well.
For example, a head trainer could have an annual salary of over ¥6,000,000.

  • Trainer

    A position where you teach instructors on how to prepare and
    conduct lessons, interact with children and many other skills and knowledge necessary to work at the schools.

  • Recruiter

    Through interviews and hiring events, speaking with new potential teachers to share information about the opportunities available at Yaruki Switch Group.

  • Curriculum Director

    By creating new curriculum material for use at our schools, we shape the way in which our students interact with the English language.

  • Transfers to other brands

    Based on your skills and experience, Yaruki Switch Group support the career growth of our teachers through possible position transfers and promotions.

No previous experience in the educational industry required.Come teach real English to Japanese children!



Japan is becoming more globalized and learning English
from early childhood has become vital.

Yaruki Switch Group has
over 100,000 students across 1,800 schools
with whom you can share
the valuable skill of English fluency.

Yaruki Switch Group's English education policy

If you have ever tried to learn Japanese,
you understand just how difficult it can be
to master a new language as an adult.

Yaruki Switch Group's approach to children's English education

The ability to learn new languages peaks
at 9 years old:

this is the best time to create
the foundations of English fluency.

By providing English education in an immersive
environment, we create a natural and effective learning
environment to suit our students' development from an
early age.

  • Example #1

    Phonics-based English Education

    Our curriculum puts a large emphasis on phonics, as they
    are the fundamental building blocks of natural
    pronunciation, reading comprehension, and more.

  • Example #2

    Spend up to 6 hours a day
    playing in English

    Sing, dance, and play with children in a fully-immersive English environment, rather than limiting lessons to just reading & writing practice.

  • Example #3

    extracurricular activities

    We provide plenty of opportunities for children to
    demonstrate their newly-acquired English skills, improving their confidence and showing how fun speaking in English can be.

    Extracurricular Activitis

    We hold a national English Spelling Bee in which
    approximately 12,000 children from all over Japan take part in this fierce competition.

    A speech contest where children compete with their ability to
    express themselves in English.
    Showcase the fruits of everyday lessons in front of a big audience.

    Spend Summer vacations in English! Cultural exchanges early in life can open up new paths.

The Numbers
of Yaruki Switch Group

Staff Demographics & Diversity

  • Average over-time:
    3 hrs/month

    As per our contracts, there are minimal overtime hours required and plenty of off-time to maintain a
    healthy work/life balance.

    3 hours
  • Career Span:
    20 years

    We believe that a stable and comfortable career leads to better lessons and quality of teaching.
    At Yaruki Switch Group, we have many veterans who have worked with us for over 20 years.
    Whether you are looking for a long term position, or looking to start with a one year contract, Yaruki Switch Group has a position for you.

    20 years
  • Native Teachers:

    With over 500 teachers from 31 different
    countries employed with Yaruki Switch Group,
    it is very likely someone from your home country
    is already employed with us!
    We believe investing in our instructors' growth
    and supporting communication between
    employees via Japanese language learning
    programs and cultural unique cultural activities.

    500 native teachers
    • Japanese education program

      We offer free Japanese lessons, which are extremely popular among native teachers. Combined with support for passing the JLPT, our employees can further understand Japanese and enjoy their life in Japan.

    • Japanese cultural events

      There are various programs to help you get acclimated to
      Japanese culture, such as visiting cultural facilities,
      experiencing Japanese tradition and other opportunities for
      foreign employees to enjoy and understand Japanese

  • Average age:
    28 years old

    Many of our native and bilingual teachers are in their mid 20's to early 30's, and have the opportunity
    to work with teachers from a variety of different countries with varied experiences.

    28 years old

The Numbers
of Yaruki Switch Group

Company Growth & Business Performance

  • 1,800 schools

    Educational infrastructure of nearly 1,800
    schools in Japan and overseas

    We have classrooms throughout the country across
    our 7 brands, quickly and continuously expanding
    and adapting to changes in the education industry,
    providing online learning opportunities.

    1,779 classrooms

    *As of February 2021

  • 40 billion yen

    Group revenue growth of 40 billion yen

    As the education industry has been traditionally unaffected by economic fluctuations, our growth remains steady, with revenue reaching about 40 billion yen. We're proud to be within the top class of Japan's education industry.

    39.2 bil. yen

    *As of February 2021

  • 100,000 students

    Supporting the education of over 100,000 children throughout Japan and overseas

    We provide both the time and the environment to support our students' learning, to enrich our
    children's futures.

    109 thousand

    *As of February 2021


Q Do I have to
work overtime?
Generally there is no need to work overtime, but if you are required to work before or after your shift, overtime rates will apply.
Q Do I need to speak
Japanese for the job?
No Japanese language ability is required. Should you wish to work on your Japanese language skills, we offer free online Japanese lessons, which is extremely popular amoung our native staff. There is also supporting for obtaining the JLPT certification.
Q How long does it take
from application to hiring?
This will depend on your visa status, but it is possible to start working within and month or two of your initial application.
Q Are there workplace
There is a possibility of changing schools, however there are generally no transfers that would require relocation.
Hiring Webinar Information

No previous experience in the educational industry required.Come teach real English to Japanese children!